About Us

3 W cats is a cat-themed gift shop inspired by a happy cat family based in Toronto, Ontario.

The W cat family brings you handmade, high quality, fun, durable cat toys and gifts for their humans. Gifts for cats include the original catnip pizza box, and mouse burger, which are popular among cats. Gifts for humans include cat stickers, pins, t-shirts, and earrings.


Meet the faces behind 3 W cats

Wakko: Father

CEO (Cat Executive Officer)

Best Cat Boss Ever. He is in charge of the family business. He makes sure all products are high quality.

Wanda: Mother

CME (Cat Model Expert)

Best Model Ever. She is in charge of all the modelling and art behind cat toys photos. 

Waltie: Baby

CTT (Catnip Toy Tester Specialist)

Best Tester Ever. He is in charged of playing with new toys to ensure that high standards are meet. 

Yusin: Mother of Cats

In charged of operations, marketing and the design and making of products.